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I will say without a doubt, the quality of Otto’s peel and stick wallpaper improved my ability to install it myself. Overall, I’d give the wallpaper quality from Otto Studio a 10/10 – it is both thick and luscious, plus, has a nice texture.


I wanted to make sure the wallpaper lined up perfectly, so once my partner started helping me, the install took 20 minutes flat! It was also a lot easier than expected when it came to adjusting the wallpaper.


I was able to install the OTTO product on my own without any problems in half the time I had expected. The wallpaper was easy to adjust if needed, proving that it isn't stuck there for life. Super impressed all around!


I was able to cover my accent wall perfectly. Definitely recommend to a renter as it’s so simple to take down when moving time comes around!



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Zoe Schlacter on Creative Inspiration

Zoe Schlacter on Creative Inspiration

Tell us a bit about yourself! I run a home decor brand and design studio that does many things! Our primary focus is on creating high end, unique home textiles and decor, in addition to completing fine art projects, select design commissions, and collaborations...

On the Surface: Will wallpaper stick to textured walls?

On the Surface: Will wallpaper stick to textured walls?

In a perfect world, every wall is smooth, clean, and perfectly suited to peel and stick wallpaper. But the world isn’t perfect, and neither are walls, especially not ones we don’t have control over in rented homes. So you’re probably sitting in your favourite chair...

When I get that feeling, I want DIY healing

When I get that feeling, I want DIY healing

It’s not just a box where you keep your stuff. It’s not just a spot to binge Netflix. And it’s definitely not just the place you collapse into oblivion before heading back to the office. Your home is your refuge. The place where you go to heal your body and mind after...