At Home with Hyppia Homes

by | Jan 19, 2022

Miranda has been fascinated by the different ways a room can come to life since she was ten years old. In Spring of 2020, she launched Hyppiä Homes as a way to explore how design influences our wellbeing. Her blog features quarterly home tours paired with meaningful conversations on mental health, spotlights on local designers and businesses, and her own design journey. 

Photographed in her house, featuring our Lucia pattern in Ochre.

How did your blog come to life?

The pandemic left me feeling a bit cooped up both physically and mentally. Not only was there this intense craving for human connection after working alone in my one-bedroom apartment for 8 hours, but I started to see all of the ways that my home didn’t feel like me. All day, I was confronted with why I didn’t like certain elements of my space but it was a lesson in why I needed to slow down my design process. To make sure that everything I brought into my home, in the words of the goddess Marie Kondo, brought me joy.

What’s big your biggest client success story?

I recently worked with a co-worker’s friend to help revamp her living room and bedroom… and I am happy to say she not only loved the final products but we are now regular texters and friends, too. Her home had some pretty unique challenges in terms of the layout and structural components. I felt a deep sense of responsibility with making sure she felt excited by the final product. She wanted both rooms to help her feel relaxed, serene, and inspired. And she was blown away by the design package I sent over to her. I can’t tell you how good that felt. I was studying her Pinterest boards and style for hours on end, so being able to confidently say that I got her style right and applied it to her home in a way that made her happy is one of the most professionally and personally satisfying parts of this journey so far.

Who’s had the biggest influence on your creative growth? What inspires you?

Bobby Berk, Emily Henderson, and my mum. Bobby Berk pulls together spaces for people on Queer Eye in a way that feels like magic and I love that he doesn’t come from a formal design background. He is the second most searched interior designer in the world. 

Emily Henderson has built a literal empire around her blog and design career. I love the before & afters they post on the site—they’re so inspiring. Plus, she has some of the best “how-to” posts out there for difficult questions for beginners, like, “What rug size do I need?” or “How do I style my coffee table?” 

Lastly, my mum! Growing up, she was always working on our home to make sure it felt like the warmest, most inviting, whimsical refuge you could ever imagine. For example, we used to have a charming garden gnome in our front entrance paired with a gorgeous Persian rug and antique chandelier. She has a gift for curating spaces that feel elegant yet curious all at the same time. She’s my design idol easily (and I’ll have to share this interview with her now!).

How did installing Otto wallpaper in your space go?

At first, I tried installing it on my own and, as with any wallpaper application, this really is a lot easier with two people. With a pattern like Lucia, I wanted to make sure everything was lining up perfectly, so once my partner started helping me, I breathed a lot easier. We got it done in 20 minutes flat! It was also a lot easier than expected when it came to adjusting the wallpaper. There were a few times when I started scraping it down and I saw some air bubbles pop up. We just carefully slid it back up the wall and scraped it down again—easy peasy.

“I love the idea of pairing vintage wallpapers like this one with more modern art, which is exactly what I did in the end for my bedroom!”

What are your 3 favourite tools for interior design?

I would be lying if I didn’t say Pinterest. That algorithm knows me creepily well now. It’s also great for finding more affordable versions of furniture or decor that you like. Take a screenshot of the item and “search by image” on Pinterest. Boom! You’ll see all sorts of dupes. 

Next up is Floorplanner. I only just started using them to help me with visually laying out my own home and also for a couple of clients I’ve worked with. They help you create a floor plan in 3D and renders different perspectives. Think of it as the Sims 4 but you can pull furniture items from real stores. It’s very cool. 

Okay, last but not least… my sketchbook! Lately if I’m trying to think through a space quickly, I’ll pull out my sketchbook and start feeling out different layouts or ideas. You don’t need to be a trained designer or artist for this to be helpful, I promise.


What 3 things are top of your list to help make any space feel like home?
  • Warm, diffused lighting. Big, warm lighting helps any space feel immediately cozy and homey. I’m a fan of Japanese lanterns right now for that super warm glow or fun pendant lights from Etsy.
  • Textured knits & pillows you can relax on. They immediately help your whole living room or bedroom feel cozier and less like a furniture store.
  • Art and frame it well. Unless you’re in your teens or early twenties, posters need to be retired. You can buy art from anywhere but make sure it evokes some sort of feeling in you. I like to trust my gut. Don’t think about it too much. And make sure it’s in a standard framing size so you don’t need to pay for a custom frame.