Behind the Collab with Tay BeepBoop

by | May 15, 2022

My name is Tay, I love DIY’ing and I live in San Francisco. I started my TikTok account late 2021 and it’s been crazy to see how many people want to follow along my DIY journey. 

Why did you want to create a wallpaper collection? 

I’ve always made my own designs when DIY’ing my own home. So creating a wallpaper collection to share with others is a dream come true. I love patterns, home decor and decorating walls. I’m on team #nomorewhitewalls.

I’m so excited to show this collection off and I’m so proud of it. Having a collection of your own wallpaper is typically reserved for the Drew Barrymore’s of the world. I’m little ‘ol me. A few months ago I was a normal person. It’s hard to digest that I have a collection.

Photo credit Quinn Gravier

What is your inspiration for your first wallpaper capsule collection with Otto Studio? 

My inspiration for the collection is based on previous DIY projects, my design style and preferences and my Japanese heritage. I love organic shapes that aren’t too prescriptive. This collection is a true representation of who I am – it’s unpredictable and free flowing. 

My favourite is the lava lamp – it’s very original. I also really love the squiggle decals as this is a direct inspiration from my home. 

What’s some design inspiration you want to share with your followers and people who are new to the DIY world? 

Here are a few ways people could get started on their first wallpaper project:

Just do the thing
Personally, where I got to where I am is that I go for it. If I don’t like it, I pivot. And usually the pivoting leads me to something better than I first imagined. And if I don’t like it, it’s fixable. 

Accent walls
My wallpaper collection patterns would look amazing in a small space because it can be used as an accent but it livens up the whole room. 

Squiggle decals
I’m very excited about these decals because I’m obsessed with squiggles and lines. Most of the time, I want to slap a squiggle in the middle of things. It can provide so many different options for customization. You can use these decals on bedroom doors, refrigerators, ceilings, staircase handrails – the options are endless! 

Photo credit Quinn Gravier

Why do you love peel-and-stick wallpaper? 

Peel and stick wallpaper allows people to try something new without the commitment. It’s a lot faster to complete than any other DIY project I’ve worked on. I was shocked at how easy it was to install Otto Studio’s wallpaper. 

Otto’s wallpaper doesn’t damage the walls because of the thickness and quality of their product. And it’s really easy to change out the wallpaper when you want to change things up.