Behind the Collection with McKenzie Parrott

by | Oct 7, 2022

Colorado-based artist McKenzie Parrott created Parrott Paints in 2020 as a passion project. Inspired by her love of the natural world, vintage type, imperfect lines and vibrant colors – her designs shine with abstract simplicity. She’s collaborated with major brand such as Anthropologie – and we’re so excited to carry an exclusive line of her artwork!

How did your brand and creative journey come to life?

I’ve always had a love for illustrating & creating. I have a degree in Environmental Sciences and believe my art is inspired by my love for nature and all things flowers. My creative journey really took off once I focused on creating for me & what makes my soul happy.

Parrott Paints is a collection of my creations – I’m so excited to continue creating and exploring myself through my art. I currently sell prints and limited clothing items including a shirt and tote bags. Painting brings me joy and creating my business has been an art project itself. I’m so grateful to have a space to share my work.

What inspires you on a day-to-day level?

The little things. I love tiny flowers, odd colored houses, wonky clouds and the search for color combinations. As an artist I’m mesmerized by detail & pull inspiration from all things in life. Evening walks are my favorite & my camera roll is filled with flowers that I find.

What would your advice be to your younger self, knowing what you know now about your career and journey? And to anyone else who is starting out as a creative?

My younger self! She is sweet, naive and lacks so much confidence that she deserves.

I would tell her (& anyone else) that not only are you an artist but you are the art. Your work is needed and you are so very valued. Keep creating. 
What does a typical day in your week look like?

Since painting is not my full time job, a typical day in my week looks like; going to work from 8-5 as a Disaster Recovery Specialist. Flash forward to my evening walks after work with my two pugs Paisley & Eo. Following dinner I prioritize several painting projects and doodle for myself before bed.. or in bed. My boyfriend often finds me asleep with my work still in my lap. While balancing two careers, it’s hard to describe a typical day but I bring normalcy into my life with the consistency of my art and the love I have for creating.

Tell us a bit about the inspiration behind the capsule collection.

The Parrott Paints x Otto Studio collection was created in hopes to bring nature and bold color into your home. When selecting the illustrations it was important for me to find balance in the pieces while offering unique color pallets and patterns. Each design stands out on its own with a mix of vintage florals and warm color combinations that will brighten up any space.

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