How to choose the right wallpaper

by | Nov 30, 2021

When there’s so many wallpaper options, how do you approach choosing a pattern and colour you’re going to love? We’ve put together a few steps you can take to help you hone in on a style and theme that’s right for you.

Think of the feeling you’d like to evoke

First, think about how you use the space. Do you use the room to entertain, or do work, or get some quiet alone time, or hang out with loved ones? When you want into the room, how do you want to feel? Do you want to feel serene and relaxed, or get a jolt of energy that brings a smile to your face? There’s of course no one way to experience a room, but by being intentional about what mood you’re wanting to create, it will help ensure you’re making choices you’ll be happy with.


Look at your room from a few angles

This is about taking into consideration the existing decor and fixtures in the space. What are the characteristics you’re working with? What shapes, colours and textures are already there? The squint test is a great way to boil it down – simply squint as you’re looking at the space, and certain things may start to jump out at you. Maybe you’ve got a large couch that’s the dominant feature. Maybe the warmth of the wood floor stands out to you, or you notice you’ve got lots of metallic finishes. Where is the lighting in the room, and how does it change throughout the day? Try taking a few photos at different times to see what you notice.


Consider colour

Now that you’ve got an idea of what you’re working with, now you need to think back to that feeling you’re wanting to evoke, and determine how your colour choices can get you there. For example, if you’ve got a room that’s a bit dark and you’re looking to bring some colour and energy to it, you might be able to get away with a bright, bold pattern. If you’ve got a room that’s got lots of warm tones and gets lots of sunlight, and you’re wanting it to feel serene, you might want to stay with the warm tones and keep the colour palette light.

Here, you can either work to complement or contrast your existing colour choices. We love the way a pop of colour on a feature wall can change a room!


Consider scale

This refers to the size of the element that gets repeated in a repeated pattern. Think of it as a basic building block; some can be tiny at only a few centimeters, or it can be as large as a few feet. This will dramatically change the feel of any pattern, and the impact on the room. The larger the scale, the more dramatic the effect, generally. 

Viewing distance is another factor to consider here. How far away will most people view the pattern? A small-scale pattern, when viewed from across a room, won’t be able to be made out and might blur into itself until you get closer.


Order samples

This is key! Because everyone’s computer monitors and mobile phones represent colour differently – sometimes by a lot! – we always recommend ordering a swatch so you can see the colours in person. Being able to stick up a swatch on the wall and see how the colours look during the day, and at night, will be very helpful in determining the right wallpaper for you.

Since Otto Studio’s wallpaper is a thicker weight and low-tack, this makes it easily repositionable – so you’ll be able to pop a few swatches on the wall in a few different places, and move them around as much as you like!