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Polka Pop

In Magenta

Checks and Waves

In Fresh Grass

Arcs Small

In Teal


I will say without a doubt, the quality of Otto’s peel and stick wallpaper improved my ability to install it myself. Overall, I’d give the wallpaper quality from Otto Studio a 10/10 – it is both thick and luscious, plus, has a nice texture.


I wanted to make sure the wallpaper lined up perfectly, so once my partner started helping me, the install took 20 minutes flat! It was also a lot easier than expected when it came to adjusting the wallpaper.


I was able to install the OTTO product on my own without any problems in half the time I had expected. The wallpaper was easy to adjust if needed, proving that it isn't stuck there for life. Super impressed all around!


I was able to cover my accent wall perfectly. Definitely recommend to a renter as it’s so simple to take down when moving time comes around!



We’ve got you covered with our step-by-step guide


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The Joy of Colour

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Renter-friendly DIY with Being the Blooms

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