Renter-friendly DIY with Being the Blooms

by | Oct 16, 2022

Stephanie Bloom, aka BeingtheBlooms, has built a massive following with the simple idea of featuring honest, real reviews of DIY products – with a special eye for peel-and-stick products.
We’re so excited to be talking with you. Could you tell us a bit about yourself? Especially for those that don’t know you as a DIY expert?

Hi, my name is Stephanie, otherwise known as Being the Blooms. I’m someone that wants to showcase content to promote colourful, affordable and easy DIYs. I hope people notice that all of my designs should be accessible to everyone. I shape my budgets and designs around one question, ”Can the average person do this DIY?”. The concept of DIY’ing entire rooms under $500 and stretching a tight budget has been empowering for me and to know that it’s possible.

What inspires you?

The hardest part is starting the project. You will gain the motivation but actually executing the ideas is a challenge. I do things in small pieces so I don’t get overwhelmed. Maybe one day I’ll style tables and the next day I’ll do a bigger project, like flooring. I find things that keep me going and I don’t like to force myself to do big projects all at once.

What advice do you have for people just starting out their DIY journey?

For people who don’t know what to do or know your style, my biggest piece of advice is to find one thing in the room that you absolutely love. Can you explain the style of that one thing? You can base a lot of ideas on the one thing that you love. 

My second piece of advice is to think about colours. If you could decorate based on any three colours, what would they be? These colours would tell you a lot. You can formulate a plan with just these two things. I pull a lot of colour ideas from items that I love. 

If you’re really worried about starting an install on walls, start with a half wall or accent wall. Think about how you can execute the install in a manageable way.


I wouldn’t have been able to do this with any other style of #wallpaper @_ottostudio and @taybeepboop you did a fantastic job creating this #renterfriendly product… If I can install it with a swiffer mop that tells you how user friendly it is! #diy #homeimprovement #HomeDecor #interiordesign

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What are the trends that you’re most excited about?

I’m excited that people are bringing colour back into their homes! I’ve noticed a transitional phase of people using rich tones in their projects: mustard yellow, green and maroon to name a few examples. For wallpaper, I’m seeing more modern designs. I really love Otto’s wallpaper – the Lava Lamp and Squiggle decals are great examples of modern designs. Floral is another design pattern that is not going away anytime soon.

What was your experience with Otto Studio’s wallpaper?
The paper quality is amazing. With Otto’s higher quality premium wallpaper, it’s easier to install for beginner DIY’ers. For thinner peel-and-stick wallpaper that other companies sell, they tend to stretch and cause wrinkles, bubbles, and does not work well.

With cheaper quality products, people can shy away from peel-and-stick wallpaper because the install doesn’t go the way they want it to. With Otto, you’re going to have a good experience. However, with Otto, some people can’t afford it. It’s difficult because you have to take into account you’re getting a higher quality product for the price. The ease of installation with Otto’s wallpaper is incredible.

Who are you outside of the DIY world?

I decorate Southwest and I live in Arizona. I am truly a cowgirl and I own horses. I don’t really share a lot of personal details about my life now that I’m an influencer full-time. But, I love horses, I love animals and my dogs are part of my family. 

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