Six surprising ways to use wallpaper

by | Feb 26, 2023

Wallpaper goes on walls, right? Well, yes. Of course.


We’ve been talking with digital DIY decor divas Imani Keal and Tay BeepBoop. They’ve spent some time with Otto Studio removable wallpaper thinking about other places you might want to use it. And they both came up with…drumroll please…CLOSETS.


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♬ Life Goes On – Oliver Tree

Tay absolutely transformed an uninspiring white closet into a bold (and delightfully organized) dressing lounge using Polka Pop peel and stick in magenta. You can even see that Tay taped up a swatch of this beautiful pattern before starting her project so that she could see how it would work in the space. We think it works perfectly.

Imani started with a similarly dull closet space that needed a little lift.


Addicted to peelandstick! #closetmakeover #diyproject #renterfriendly @_ottostudio

♬ Blue Blood – Heinz Kiessling

She opted for the Anni pattern in daydream, which flawlessly complements her to-die-for vintage lingerie chest. The space is instantly metamorphosed into not only a place for Imani to store her fashion accessories, but a fashion accessory unto itself, bringing interest and intrigue to the entire room.

We’re in love with what Tay and Imani did with their closets, and we got to thinking: what else could you do with wallpaper besides putting it on walls? Buckle up, here are five more ideas for how to add colour, shape, and pattern to your home if you’re not quite ready to commit to covering an entire wall.


Do you have stairs with risers made from a hard material like wood? Add wallpaper so that every time you step up you’ll feel like you’re ascending to creative heaven.


Easy to apply (no windows to work around) and something to look up to, wallpaper on the ceiling is an attractive way to enhance any room from top to bottom.


From bottoms of drawers to backs of cupboards and everything in between, wallpaper can bring surprising colours and patterns every time you open a cabinet door.


You may have noticed in her Instagram post that Imani didn’t just stop at the walls of her closet when applying Otto Studio wallpaper: she went wild on her shelves too. Top and bottom, peel and stick wallpaper doubles as excellent and enticing shelf paper. Plus it’s renter-friendly, so when it’s time to move on to your next space, your landlord will be none the wiser.


If you really just want to dip a toe in the water to see what designer decor can do for your room, would you consider a lampshade? It’s a small project, low commitment, you can move it around your place until you find just the right spot, and when you get it right, it’ll glow and so will you. Just be sure to use an LED bulb that stays as cool as you.

Do you have more captivating ideas for how to use wallpaper in unexpected places? Let us know here or get in touch with us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or TikTok.